Tina Russey

Tina Russey has nearly 20 years of full-cycle accounting experience and 5+ years of concentrated bookkeeping.  She is a managing partner at E. Johnson CPA,  PLLC, where she manages multiple clients and projects ranging from financial planning and recovery, cash flow analysis reporting, budget consulting, budget to actual reporting, and payroll to payroll tax-related matters and more.

Tina has experience working with small businesses, non-profit organizations, and individual owners. She, along with a team, manages multiple clients with up to $1M budgets that include restricted funds as well as non-restricted funds. In addition to her extensive knowledge in accounting, she also has experience with handling grant and donor funding.

As a native from the Midwest, growing up in Illinois  Tina has a Tina is very passionate about supporting business owners. She believes that the key is having financial personnel to understand how funds flow through an organization.  From there it is vital to equip and train individuals in the area of business they operate in managing and securing those funds.  She can be thought of as a financial gatekeeper.

Departments: Administration
Office Accountant