Student Outreach


Speech Tactics is an organization that strongly believes in giving back to the communities we serve by sharing our professional knowledge and skills to educate high school students by providing early exposure to pediatric occupational and speech-language pathologists within our organization. During your observation hours at Speech Tactics, students get the opportunity to observe clinicians evaluating, treating, and collaborating with other clinicians. Speech Tactics also provides an opportunity for high school students to volunteer their time to complete projects or serve as a peer during one of our community social group events, which can be applied towards their high school graduation requirements.

Our Student Outreach Program offers two opportunities for students:

A Walk in a Therapists’ shoes?
College-level students are welcome to sign up for our “Walk in a Therapists’ Shoes” shadowing program.
College students will observe both an Occupational Therapist and/or Speech-Language Pathologist for a couple of hours during a visit to either our Monroe or Charlotte clinics. Students will have an opportunity to ask questions about their observations and the field of pediatric rehab as a whole.

Externships and Fieldwork Placements
Speech Tactics accepts a limited number of students seeking externship and/or fieldwork placement in either Occupational Therapy or Speech-Language Pathology fields. All interested candidates will be interviewed for possible placement in this program. If you are interested in placement please reach out to our office for an application to initiate the process.

Clinical Fellowship Year
Speech Tactics accepts Clinical Fellowship candidates for our full-time or part-time program. Candidates are encouraged to fill out our application online as soon as possible due to the limited positions available.

Please note that the student outreach programs are highly requested at Speech Tactics, therefore your start date could be scheduled anywhere from 2 weeks to 1 month out depending on available slots. However, this should not deter you… Give us a call today!