The Career that Keeps On Giving

To be independent is to have confidence in one’s ability to face daily challenges head-on, and is the feeling of freedom while living a life without limits. 

In essence, occupational therapists take on the task of helping patients reach this level of confidence. It is not solely our extensive training, years of hands-on experience, or the letters that follow the names that make us qualified. It is our passion that qualifies us to be the second set of hands and eyes that parents need to make sure their child lives a full life. 

As a pediatric occupational therapist, we address anything from developmental delays, sensory integration issues, handwriting concerns, ADL’s (activities of daily living) such as chores, personal hygiene, feeding, and getting dressed. 

We also closely monitor gross motor coordination to enable children to play safely and be successful in team sports. After all, the safety of our patients is our number one concern. When it comes to team activities, we also know that communication plays a major role in a child’s ability to play safely with others. This is why we do not stop at observing fine and gross motor skills, but we work with our patients and their families to make key observances of their social interaction skills, as well. We want our patients to live a life of confidence, and that includes them having the ability to interact with peers, adults, their families, and friends. 

With our guidance, our patients and their families are able to feel at ease knowing that they are equipped with the appropriate tools and skills to take home and apply to their everyday lives. We also go the extra mile to make necessary referrals and follow-up with Physical Therapists, Speech Therapists, Pediatricians, Optometrists, and so forth depending on the specific need of each of our patients. 

A limitless lifestyle begins and ends with confidence, and confidence is truly who we are. We are the small hands that help smaller hands do BIG things.

Written by: Nykia Petty- OTR/L

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